Information Letter: Filing of 2021 actual and 2022 estimated Gas Cost Allowance (GCA) applications

January 2022

Important notes:

You are encouraged to submit your GCA application as early as possible. Submission must be received no later than the deadline of May 31, 2022. IOGC 2020 GCA applications will be available to submit in Petrinex effective February 4, 2022. For applications not submitted in Petrinex by the May 31, 2022 deadline, no GCA deduction will be processed for 2021 IOGC royalties.

If there are extraordinary circumstances that delay your GCA submission, a written request for an extension from IOGC must be submitted for approval a minimum of 10 calendar days before May 31, 2022. Please send your request for an extension (with your reason for the delay) with GCA Deadline Extension Request in the subject line to or fax to 403-292-5618. The Applicant is responsible to ensure receipt of approval for an extension from IOGC on or before May 25, 2022, or a zero rate will be approved if no submission is received by May 31, 2022.

IOGC requires all mandatory fields in the respective GCA1, GCA2 and GCA3 forms to be fully completed with attachments as required to process your submissions in Petrinex. The following information is required:

Form Field Required Information
GCA1 As applicable Review the following for all required updates:
  • related facilities,
  • swing percent (%),
  • ownership,
  • well event links, and
  • field/metering schematics (these must be attached).
Custom Processing Fee
As applicable
  • A copy of the executed agreement or changes to the existing agreement.
  • Where there is a change in operator, a "Notice of Assignment" must be provided until a new executed agreement is available.
  • Supporting documentation such as billing/invoices.

Note: A custom processing fee is only allowable for non-owned facilities

GCA3 Outlet Volume
  • Volumetric supporting documentation is required if different than displayed Petrinex Volume.
Operating Costs (Full-cost)
Facility Cost Centres (FCC)
  • Detailed General Ledger (GL) and other supporting documents such as invoices must be attached.
Operating Allowance (Capital based) FCCs
  • No operating cost details are required.
Capital Additions
  • Detailed Authorization For Expenditures (AFE) and all AFE Copies, General Ledger (GL) and other supporting documents such as invoices must be attached.

This information must be submitted for IOGC to accurately process your GCA application. If the above information is not included with your 2021 GCA application, your submission will be rejected. Applicants will be allowed up to 10 working days to resubmit the required information. If not submitted within the 10 working day timeframe, applications in a rejected status will be processed with a zero rate. IOGC will also reject submissions for non-allowable or unsupported costs, as per the GCA section of IOGC's Royalty Reporting Guidelines.

Costs that are operating in nature must not be included in capital additions; capital additions for replacement assets must reflect corresponding retirement book value. Further details can be found in the GCA section of IOGC's Royalty Reporting Guidelines.

Types of costs not to be included in your GCA application are:


Further information and feedback

For all Petrinex functionality queries, contact the Petrinex Business Desk at

For all IOGC GCA policy related queries or for a copy of the GCA portion of IOGC's Royalty Reporting Guidelines contact the GCA team at

IOGC GCA Team, Royalty Business Unit

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