Update on the Modernization of the Act, Regulations, and Systems (MARS)

IOGC Quarterly Newsletter Volume V, Issue 4

Reporting Period January 1, 2016 to March 31, 2016

A special early draft of the regulations (prior to approval and pre-publication in Canada Gazette, Part I), was discussed with First Nations at the Alberta Symposium on March 17, 2016 at the Marriott River Cree Resort in Edmonton. The feedback IOGC receives will be addressed along with public feedback during pre-publication in Canada Gazette, Part I. A corresponding Saskatchewan Symposium is scheduled for early April in Saskatoon. IOGC is working with the First Nations Gazette to publish the shared, special early draft of the regulations so interested First Nations can prepare their feedback for submission during the public feedback period. This key IOGC initiative remains on track with the projection that the Indian Oil and Gas Act, 2009 and its regulations will come into force at the end of calendar year 2016 or early 2017.

The RIMS2 (Resource Information Management Systems 2) project is awaiting presentation before Treasury Board for project and expenditure approvals. This is expected to occur sometime in the new fiscal year beginning April 1, 2016. IOGC continues to work with the oil and gas-producing Provinces to ensure data is in sync prior to automated data exchange with PETRINEX (PETRoleum INformation EXcellence).

With the new Indian Oil and Gas Act, 2009 and the updated regulations coming into force, IOGC continues to prepare administratively for the enforcement of the new oil and gas regime beginning the day they become law. There are two parallel tracks governing this important process: 1) MARS Implementation that will ensure processes, policies, procedures, and tools are constructed; and, 2) Organizational Change Management (OCM) that will ensure IOGC's staff are well-equipped. To assist staff through this process IOGC completed a short-term implementation plan through a contract with a professional OCM service provider.  Furthermore, there is a contract being prepared for an OCM service provider over the long-term. This will enable IOGC to be better-equipped to respond to both internally-driven change (i.e., changes resulting from the new Act and regulations) and externally-driven change (i.e., those changes that affect whole-of-government such as new e-mail and document management systems).

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