About IOGC

We are responsible for:

We operate pursuant to the Indian Oil and Gas Act, RSC 1985, c I-7, and Indian Oil and Gas Regulations, SOR/2019-196. We also operate under federal legislation such as the Indian Act, the Impact Assessment Act, the Financial Administration Act, and other relevant federal and provincial legislation.

We provide these services at no cost to First Nations

IOGC Co-Management board

The IOGC Co-Management Board (Board) includes First Nation, industry, and Crown representatives. The Board provides guidance on our strategic direction and operations. The Board was established in 1996 through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Minister of Indigenous Services Canada (formerly Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development) and the Indian Resource Council (IRC).

Organizational Structure

Executive Directorate
Jeff Schatz, A/Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer

Lease and Royalty Administration Directorate
Cristie Adams, Director

Regulatory Compliance Directorate
Sylvia Taylor, A/Director

Planning and Corporate Services Directorate
Brenda Cherniawsky, Director

For additional information on our operational work, see our Clients and Stakeholders page.

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