Provincial Acts and Regulations

Section 4 of the Indian Oil and Gas Regulations, 1995 requires companies to comply with all relevant provincial laws, unless otherwise agreed to by the Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development and specified in a contract granted under the Regulations. The relevant provincial laws are specified as: being applicable to non-Indian lands; relating to the environment or to the exploration, development, treatment, conservation or production of oil and gas; and not conflicting with the Indian Oil and Gas Act or Regulations.

Provincial legislation that companies may be required to comply with includes:

Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act

The provincial statute which is aimed at supporting and promoting the protection, enhancement, and wise use of the environment in Alberta. IOGC uses the standards set out in the Regulations under this Act for surface reclamation after oil and gas activities on reserve lands in all provinces.

Mines and Minerals Act

The provincial statute which applies to all mines and minerals and related natural resources vested in or belonging to the Crown in right of Alberta, and where the context permits or requires, to all wells, mines, quarries, and minerals in the province.

Oil and Gas Conservation Act

The provincial statute which deals with the conservation of oil and gas resources in Alberta. The statute also deals with the observance of safe and efficient practices in the locating, spacing, drilling, equipping, completing, reworking, testing, operating and abandonment of wells and operations for the production of oil and gas.

Similar acts and regulations exist in other provincial jurisdictions.

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